PILE DYNAMIC TEST: Global Lab offers the Pile Dynamic Test of Concrete, steel Piles by complying the requirement of ASTM D 4945: 2012.

OBJECTIVE OF TEST: Dynamic Load Testing is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective method of evaluating foundations. This Test gives more information in less time as follows.

• Pile Load Bearing Capacity / Shaft resistance / Shaft resistance along with the shaft / Toe Resistances /  Max Tensile Stresses & Compressive Stresses / Tensile Stresses & Compressive Stresses along with the shaft. 


• Pile shaft Capacity from force and velocity record
• Pile Toe resistance, Shaft Resistance & distribution of shaft resistance along the pile shaft.
• Pile Net Settlement & Max Displacement during impact.
• Max Compressive stress & Compressive stresses along the shaft length during Impact.
• Max Tensile stress & Tensile stresses along the shaft length during Impact.
• Pile Integrity Status.