Split Tensile Test

Global lab provide the art of the precise, accurate & reliable testing service accrediated by NABL for durability Test of Concrete as per ASTM C 496 / C 496 M : 2011
Split Tensile Test:
This test covers the determination of the splitting tensile strength of cylindrical concrete specimens, such as molded cylinders and drilled cores
This test consists of applying a diametral compressive force along the length of a cylindrical concrete specimen at a rate that is within a prescribed range until failure occurs. This loading induces tensile stresses on the plane containing the applied load and relatively high compressive stresses in the area immediately around the applied load. Tensile failure occurs rather than compressive failure because the areas of load application are in a state of triaxial compression, thereby allowing them to withstand much higher compressive stresses than would be indicated by a uniaxial compressive strength test result.
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