Initial Surface Absorption Test (ISAT)

Global lab provides the art of the precise, accurate & reliable testing service accrediated by NABL for durability Test of Concrete as per BS 1881(PART-208) : 1996.


Initial Surface Absortion Test: 

This test provides data for assessing the uniaxial water penetration characteristics of a concrete surface. The applied pressure of 200 mm head of water is worse than the severest weather due to driving rain The results may be considered to be related to the Quality of finish and to the durability of the surface under the effects of natural weathering.


The results are of little relevance to behavior under higher water pressures, and cannot be used to assess the permeability of a body of concrete. This test can be applied to exposed aggregate or profiled surfaces provided that a watertight seal can be obtained with the apparatus.


The test is not applicable to specimens or mas showing obvious porosity, honeycombing or cracking. Misleading results can be obtained when tests are performed on thin concrete sections through which water could penetrate during the test. This Tests should not be repeated at positions within an area affected by previous tests.