30min Water Absorption Test

Global lab provides the art of the precise, accurate & reliable testing service accrediated by NABL for durability Test of Concrete as per BS 1881 (Part-122) : 1983 Amd-01.

Measure of resistance of concrete against the water absorption under specified condition for a period of 30min±0.5 min. ØEffect on Strength ( Higher water absorption decrease the strength vise versa)

ØRate of deterioration of concrete ( Higher water absorption increase rate of deteriorationvise versa)
Concrete Core specimen Size:  75±3mmØ and 75mm length
Age Of Specimen: Prefered 28days of Concrete
Note: If the absorption test is carried out on concrete less then 28 days old an appreciably higher value may be obtained. Conversely, the absorption at ages greater than 28 days might be appreciably less. These variations are dependent, amongst other factors, on the rate of hydration of the cement.